Probably not helping things by listening to Duke Ellington, but I don’t care.

My plans for the day have shift and slid a bit, but not outside of acceptable–or indeed, predicted–parameters. I’ll get to see my niece and sister, and get a little help in the kitchen. Which is good, because it looks like the cabinets threw up in the sink. I wish I could lift something heavier than a copy of God Emperor of Dune. I need to get a digital copy of Les Mis if I want to read it, heh.

As for pressure… I’m shocked I can type. I don’t think I could push a Big Red Button, no matter how shiny and tempting. The world is apparently safe for now.

That reminds me. How does one walk about a book shop with armfuls of purchases while using the aid of a cane? Are there baskets or trolleys these days? I don’t think I’ve been to a book shop in months. Yes, trolleys would be funny (and never happen) but a basket or something would be nice. They do provide a bag, but it’s not like I’m going to run to the counter every five books or so.

Seriously though, I’m excited. As I said, I haven’t gotten to shop for books at a shop in ages. Amazon is not the same at all. It’s almost not fun in comparison. Then there’s the wait time.

An important question: am I nerdy enough to buy the second edition of The Physics of Superheroes to go with the first edition? I am inclined to say that I am, but I’m also too stupidly practical. Then again, I used to have three different editions of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. At least these editions would differ beyond the cover.

I wanted to write something interesting today, but the topic that I think I thought of earlier in the shower, I have since quite forgotten. Spent about half an hour trying to remember it, and merely gained in frustration.

…on a completely out of nowhere note. Why do people say NaNo-Ree-Mo? It’s… They have to know the full name, yeah? National Novel-Writing Month. Writing. It’s starting to bother me, really. Every time I hear it, I think they’re talking about a different thing about reading for a month. Which would be cool if it were an actual thing.

I just don’t get it. I know I have this psychotically precise ear that most people don’t, but that seems fairly egregious. Especially since so freaking many people do this.

The really stupid thing is, I know that there are even more people who would go out of their way to say it wrong in this way, just to annoy me. As if that’s proving anything beyond one’s ability to say, “Hey look, I can be a huge jerk! Tee hee.” in less words than that.


2 thoughts on “Fuzzy-Brained

  1. But in most languages, the ‘i’ makes an ‘ee’ sound. Without the rest of the word there, it looks like it should be REE-moh. Not to be argumentative or anything.

    You’re right of course, it ought to be RYE-moh. I might start saying it that way because it sounds like the word “rhyme.”

    I’ve also heard plenty of people just call it, “Nano.”

    • Which excuses precisely nothing. A portmanteau does not change any inherent pronunciation. You don’t hear anyone talking about Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou and pronouncing its nickname as “Carrie Cane-o”. Because that would be idiotic. Kare Kano is Kare Kano and NaNoWriMo is *not* NaNoReMo.

      Heck, I say NaNo all the time. It’s faster, and I pronounce nothing wrong.

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