Funny thing about life and blogging

I had a post for today, but I decided to just discard it after all. This is due to two things. One – I emailed the draft to Dither, and realised after he told me what he thought about it that he was the only one I actually wanted to share it with anyway. Two – It was an angry thing that probably ended up making me look worse than the bad person I was pointing out.

Granted, she is an exceptionally awful person, and the post I wrote was about an impressively awful thing she did multiple times. However, we recently had a discussion about truly evil people, and this one’s antics incite one reaction out of me 99% of the time.

That reaction is this:


Thankfully, this is not a person whom I know personally. (no, not even an acquaintance) Just someone who used to happen to me until I figured out how to make that stop.

My brain is mostly off today, so unfortunately I don’t think I can replace that blog post with something more substantial than talking about why that one is getting thrown away. I spent most of the day completely incapacitated, and now I’m self-medicating.


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