Felt like drawing today

It’s been quite a while since I last pulled out my Wacom tablet for drawing instead of simply ergonomic mouse use. I didn’t have an idea in mind when I started. I just wanted to avoid a boring static pose. So after a little flipping around through magazines and comic books, I doodled a (particularly crappy) matchstick man and got started.

I had to pause for a significant amount of time to answer the door and then mop up the bathroom. I guess I should have noticed there was a water issue. Eheh. I’m too arthritic and pregnant to mop up floors. Somehow that happened, though. Anyway.

Technically, I could have done all of the lineart on one layer, but I didn’t see a reason to push myself. The colours are really, really super-lazy airbrushing and I nearly forgot to put in my signature thing.


I went back and lightened her hair so that the ridiculousness of the lineart would show up better. I’m not all that happy with the anatomy or even the pose, but I am glad that I made both hands visible rather than hiding one of them.

Yeah, the pose is kind of crap, but at least she’s not just standing there like a lemon.


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