First self portrait in a long while

I got a lot of things wrong, like making my hair not look terrible. I also didn’t bother to draw all the BILLIONS of little flowers on that dress. It’s a simple single layer lineart. I sketched it out first in MSPaint and then drew over that. It was such a simple pose that I actually ended up drawing this lineart from memory rather than actually looking at the initial sketch.

Hilaaaariously, the bump is about that big, (and so is my chest, I can hardly stand/sit up straight) but it feels a lot bigger.

self portrait 20 weeks pregnant

That’s the countdown according to the pregnancy app on my phone, anyway. Dither thinks Owen is going to be punctual as a CEO and hold that trend throughout his life, while the July 9-ers hope he’ll be a week early. Then we’d have four birthdays that day, (technically) across as many families. It’d make planning easy. But honestly, I’ll just be happy if he’s not three weeks late.


I really need to work on hands. And I need to stop cheating at heads and faces. Shame on me.

Currently, I’m deciding whether or not to give Manuscript for the iPad a try (and review, for those who have iPads and want to know if it’s worth the $3.99/£2.49 price tag), but I hedge constantly. I still haven’t bought Power Rangers Redux. I need to fix that.


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