Growing Up and Dressing Down

It’s been a really long time since I played 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors. My opinion probably hasn’t changed, but it must not have been a terribly strong one, since I barely recall it and can’t really remember the characters. I do remember the most WTF parts of the story.

Apparently there’s a sequel. I don’t know why it needed one, but it was a Nintendo game. Mining sequels is something they do. Especially ones that are completely unnecessary.

I was actually made aware of this second game twice. I didn’t care at all the first time, and the second time, I was on Amazon looking for something completely different and stumbled across it.

Had it not been for a claim that there would be characters returning from the first game, I probably would have just shrugged it off again. But it made me realise that although I could remember vague things and at least one character (because of the bloody axe ending), I had pretty much shelved 999 into the farthest reaches of my brain. The more I consciously think on it, the more tidbits I find that I remember, but most of it does not have to do with the characters.

Anyway. That claim was on the Amazon page, thusly (though with a lower res image):

ze characters

Introduces New Characters,
Brings Back Old Ones

First thought? Anime character casts are getting stupider. I keep thinking that they can’t, and will just go the trend of being boring and formulaic, but then I see this crap and remember that there’s no reason why they cannot make one think WTF and still be boring and forumlaic. That lame rabbit-looking thing is enough reason on its own to avoid this game like the plague.

Alice is another. (second from the right) Sigh. If I recall correctly, Alice was one of the most idiotic things about the first game. A random mummy who had almost no plot importance aside from becoming a plot hole that you could rebuild ancient Roman civilisation inside. Here, she is featured dressed like a sex worker. As is the only other character I can imagine came from the first game. Which brings me to my point in writing this post.

Why do sequels do this? If there was a female character in the first game, and she returns for the sequel, she’s almost invariably going to be wearing much, much less than she previously had done. The most glaring example is–of course–Final Fantasy X-2, but this one is nearly as nasty. At least that game made little pretence of its identity as “stealth” hentai. (two words: massage minigame)

Only one of the female characters in that cast shot up there is dressed modestly. I don’t think the one with the short skirt and sleeveless overcoat thing is very immodest, but it also looks immensely like a male character from the first game, so I don’t even know if it’s supposed to be a girl.

The other nearly naked girl (pink hair) was in the first game. Contrast.

999 characters

I’m not a prude, but really. It’s starting to get gross. Not only is the entire cast of the first game more modestly dressed (there is one risqué costume in the bunch, and it’s not that bad), but of the two women who are stripped down in the second game, the one wearing less is the one who is probably still a MINOR. Her outfit is not just more revealing, it’s also trashier. The same was true of Rikku in FFX-2. The youngest character, I think still underage, wearing the trashiest, most revealing outfit.

Why does this happen? I just… It’s so… WHY? Youth and beauty, okay, but could the sex objects please not be under the age of 17? It’d be less creepy if I hadn’t seen this happen with characters under 14.


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