Trying really hard not to pass out right now. My head feels like a balloon in the rain and all I can think of is to drink juice and sit down. This is the first time in about two or three weeks that I’ve had undiluted juice, and it tastes weirdly amazing. But it’s not really helping the dizzy. I could try lying down, but frankly, I’m afraid of standing up in order to get to my bed or the couch. I also can’t tell which is closer.

Ugh. How did I get to this? Really, I don’t know. I’m not dehydrated, I’ve been drinking juice. I’m not hungry, I ate cream of wheat and a pink concha.

Okay, it seems to be passing now. I really hate when I start feeling like that. It’s such an overriding mess, I can barely think and I just feel like I’m sitting in a little pool of distress.

Have to finish watching Protect the Boss today, as Netflix is kicking it from Watch Instantly (has already done so as far as my iPad is concerned). It’s still available elsewhere, obviously (haha Netflix is a bunch of sub thieves) but I kind of want to have done with it anyway. I really, really enjoyed the first half, but the later episodes sort of drag as the drama gets inevitably contrived and uncomfortable. I have yet to see a K-Drama (much as I like them) that managed to tie up the romantic plot and then go on with the story without it getting dull or stretched out.

Dizzy still and again. Grah.

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