Reading Challenge Day 4

Late entry today, first because I hadn’t finished a book yet, and then because I kind of forgot about blogging. My first of two re-reads, Jingo. It stayed weird to read it rather than listening, probably because I’ve read it in print twice (three times now) and listened to it well over six times. I actually ended up turning on the audiobook to listen to while I read it because I had to hear a certain bit near the end. I listened to more of it than I meant to because Dither was listening to it, and that’s the closest I’ve gotten to getting him to read these books in ages.

Otherwise, I read a heck of a lot faster than I listen, so I kind of ended up breezing past the audiobook on my own after the bit I wanted to read along to.

Nothing much to say today. It’s been quiet, and DST knocked me on my bum again. Exhausted right now, and I didn’t really get moving until after noon, despite initially getting up rather earlier than that. Right now I feel incredibly fatigued, and it’s hard to think of clever things to say in such a state. …though it seems I haven’t lost my ability to use ponce-y language.

Why do I like Jingo so much? Probably because two of the major issues the book tackles are blind stupid nationalism and gender roles. It’s also another good Vimes mystery. Vimes is one of my favourite characters, to the point that it’s a bit weird for me to read The Truth and Going Postal. In fact, I don’t much like The Truth. In that it’s lower on my list of Discworld books I’ll re-read. I think there’s only one I don’t want to read and maybe two that I haven’t read more than once. And at least one of the latter is because I don’t own it, and the one time I did find it to read, it was in a library in another state.

The funny thing is, the other one I had a hard time finding in a library I did end up reading twice, because the first copy I found was in Spanish. Call me a brat, but I’m not a fan of the translations. English is too big a part of the experience for me.

Dunno what I want to read next. I’m kind of saving Bumped, plus I think I had a hit the other day for someone looking for Melissa Marr, so maybe I should read Wicked Lovely, maybe give it a light (hopefully positive) review. The Overdrive library copy has “bonus material” in it, but I don’t know if I’ll read that bit or not. It appears to be the covers and first chapters of several of her other books.

Finished so far:

Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale
The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by AN Roquelaure
Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos by RL LaFevers
Jingo by Terry Pratchett


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