Reading Challenge Day 7

Had a busy couple of days. I needed to get maternity clothes on Monday, so I only managed to finish reading one book and couldn’t really get a good start on another. I finished Wicked Lovely about about 2:00am because I couldn’t sleep. It was pretty good. I have some notes to write a review, but I haven’t felt up to it–another reason that I didn’t blog my progress on Monday.

I also read the first chapter of the next book, Ink Exchange, and I think that I will actually continue the series. Ink Exchange looks even better than the first book, for one thing. I put a hold on it and with the way my holds have been going through, it’s going to poke into my list soon. Right now I’m listening to an audiobook of The Fury so that I don’t run out of time on that one. I had about two or three holds come up since I started this. I thought they’d take longer.

One of the holds that’s been awaiting my attention is actually eight books in one, so I think I should read at least the first one today, after I finish Krondor.

Anyway, it’s nice to be reading all the time, but I do find myself not doing other things. Like eating. Today I’m trying to focus more on water than on meals, though.

Yesterday we spent most of the day out of the house as well, and although I did manage to read a lot (seven chapters of Krondor: The Betrayal) I also had an enormous amount of fatigue. I think I ended up taking a two-hour nap.

I forgot how dry and monotone writers like Raymond E Feist are to me. It’s been difficult to read this book for more than an hour or so at a time, and I don’t think I’m actually getting much out of it. I used to read these kinds of novels all the time, but I think my tastes have changed a little. If it begins to feel tedious, I have to stop and do something else, and I don’t think I read it anywhere near as quickly as anything else.

My hands are really hurting today, so I’m going to cut this entry short. Give meself more time to read. Since I need such a run-up. I should be ashamed, bleh.


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