Reading Challenge Day 14

Yesterday went pretty well, reading- and hurting-wise. Today so far frankly sucks. I have a second ultrasound this afternoon, because Owen did not want good pictures of his head. Since that’s a little less exciting than the first one, Dither isn’t going to miss work for it. The more PTO he has saved up by July, the better. It’d be nice to have two full weeks with our son when he’s born. :3

Kind of hurts to type, so this might be a short post. I’m mostly just waiting for the water heater to burble up enough effort for me to have a hot shower.

Anyway. I finished Graceling yesterday. It always takes me longer to read books that I’m not enjoying. I think it’s time to kick off the rule I made about finishing the books, though. It has served its purpose and I have learned from it. One of the things I’ve (re-)learned was that it’s not worth it to suffer through something you really don’t like and are not enjoying. I learned that in high school with Stranger in a Strange Land, and now I’ve had it kind of reassessed in my mind.

The problem this time was that I really did not like Graceling–BUT. It was a passable read. I could kind of roll my eyes at it and still basically care about the plot. I didn’t like the main character at all, but I actually liked just about everyone else (except the villain who made no sense). My biggest problem with the book can be summed up rather easily: I am a keen observer, and I am simply more knowledgeable than the author. About pretty much everything she needed to know to make the book work.

Stuff like this:

  • Fighting
  • Feminism
  • Human anatomy
  • Virginity
  • Horses and travelling on them
  • Camping
  • Politics
  • Sociopathy
  • Violent sadistic crimes

After reading that and suffering through wanting to give Cashore a lecture about acceleration and a link to this, I needed a good book. Throne of Glass is not one of those things. I realised a paragraph in that I had once seen it on Amazon, and told it to bugger off because the beginning was a confusing mess that took way too long to establish anything. The main character is also inconsistent (like mad, she seriously flip-flops her opinion several times in a single paragraph), devoid of appeal, and commits that literary crime of loving to read in a vain attempt to make the reader go, “OOOH SHES JERST LIEK MEEEE”. Ugh.

I can’t do this twice in a row. I also cannot care about the plot in this, nor any of the characters. It reads like a crappy rough draft written by a no-talent hack for NaNoWriMo and then published directly after. Since I kept trying to read it when I was fatigued nearly to the point of passing out, I had hallucinations that one of my no-talent hack friends from my past had written it and I nearly had a panic attack because I thought I would have to finish it and then lie and tell her it was nice.

Luckily, I have other books that can stand in its stead already. That way I don’t have to lower my book count for the challenge or get a new book so late in the game. I could retroactively count Dead Until Dark, but that feels too much like cheating.

The candidates are Living Dead in Dallas and Some Enchanted Evening, both of which I intended to read anyway. I’m in the middle of the second chapter of the former, so it’ll probably be that one.

I’m returning Throne of Glass now so that I don’t get some weird faux-noble urge to try to finish reading it anyway. Still another twenty minutes before the water heater is ready.


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