Quick post

Wow, I get sick and fail to blog for a couple of days and then this poor thing goes absolutely neglected by view and posting both. At least I’ve kept up the reading.

Not going to talk about it enough to justify a Reading Challenge Day ? post title, but I’m nearly done with my challenge. That kind of teeth-grinding closeness that makes one’s enthusiasm flag. I have one book left, basically.

The last two books I tried were YA fantasy disappointments. Right after I said I would just replace DNFs with a Sookie Stackhouse book, I found that two of the three books I had left to read were dull or bad.

So now I’m also halfway through the 8-copy “boxed set” of the Southern Vampire series. Read the first one just ’cause, then had to use the next three to fill in emptied slots. Probably for the best. I actually liked reading these, and I got more time to finish this 1700 page file.

Sushi for Beginners is my last book for the challenge. It’s not bad, still not sure if it’s my thing or not. I’m more accustomed to genre fiction, obviously, and one of the main characters is an evil cow. I like the others, though. And the writing style.

I might not finish it until tomorrow, though. I still feel pretty crappy.


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