Life updates automatically

Got another appointment tomorrow. It is the one I have been dreading for some time now, the one where I have to take the GTT. Bweeeehhhh do not want. Just thinking about it makes me cringe.

So today has to not suck. I feel kind of like just resting (read: laying about) and not reading. I keep looking over at the books I have left on Overdrive (had a hold come through) and I may just bookmark the 8 box to read the second half another time. I have other series I really want to get back to, and I also feel like writing my own stuff again. I need to take advantage of that feeling, I think. While it’s there.

My Level Me Up! app has been largely neglected since I first implemented it, which sucks for me. I can’t really brag, it’s been like a year, haha. Still, I added in a significant fraction of time (read: what I could remember) from my reading challenge for my Reader level, and now my Novelist one has to catch up.

I worked on that one thing the other day, rewriting the conversation scene. It works a lot better than the unusable bit that I posted before, but I’m still kind of bothered by the unhurried pace of the story so far. Part of me looks at it and assumes that nothing is going on, then demands something more dynamic. It’s semi-intentionally a redux or callback to The Devil’s in the Details, where the main character woke up with a hangover, went through a depressing morning routine, and ended by talking to a cheerful friend.

The original is much more internal, as it’s in first person, and was a sort of character exploration. The reasons for the hangover were also much more depressing and linked to a sadder life. This one is in third person, and the character is just waking up after obligatory work-related drinking. Her relationship with her cheery friend is also much, much more normal.

I’m enjoying this pregnancy thing, but man do I feel like it’s all I’ve done for ages. It isn’t, but it did shelf LOTS. I need to get back to work on Desiderata, but frankly, I was already heading for a block in the writing before, so I’m double scared-off.


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