Effective Reader

(Funny that I had this thought and then I opened up some old writing and got distracted by reading.)

While looking up something completely unrelated, I found an article on Answers that made me laugh. It was a really stupid question, which explains why it was displayed with some prominence. Scrolling down further through the page brought me to a much better question, regarding how to be effective as a reader. The very first sentence of the answer made me happy.

Hold a conversation with the text as you read.

The rest of it went on to accurately describe my reading habits, which was even more satisfying. I have never thought about being an effective reader. I haven’t really even thought about being a reader. There are moments when I know that I am one, such as when I get a bit eye-roll-y watching Rapunzel and wondering why there are only three books in that bloody tower. And the normal rants.

Disagree with the author or character? Have an internal rant.

I do those a lot, after all. It’s all rather automatic, though. Probably if I thought about it, I’d never get anything done and just end up frustrated. That’s how things like this work, I find.

Some of that article is stupid, though. (it’s plain that it has had edits done by different people) Particularly the last paragraph.

Last but not the least try to read all the essential types of writing: newspaper articles, scientific reports, novels from every genre, diary entries, scripts, letters, guidebooks, instruction manuals (boring I know but reading a few pages won’t cause the human race’s extinction) etc.

They basically listed nearly everything there is to read that isn’t in the realm of “cereal boxes”. And parenthetical asides are for dorks like me. You don’t do that in a real article, do you? I always thought it was a sort of informal dorkery. The phrasing is also kind of crap.

…in fact, don’t bother reading beyond the first block of text. The rest of it is poorly written nitpicking about one aspect of the first block, and in the latter half’s case, utter tripe.


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