Just tired lately

My cold has passed, but it did so with such meekness and lingering effects that I can barely tell it’s gone sometimes. I still cough because my throat swells, and I’m still sniffly, but that could be allergies now.

There are some different things I’ve been thinking about, but none of them clearly enough to really get into in the detail they probably deserve.

I read a gender-bending story that could have been good if it hadn’t gotten ruined by a crappy character and contrived drama. Thinking of that made me wonder if a society that has a lot of work to do in terms of equality between the sexes (let alone ethnicities) has anything useful or noteworthy to say on the subject of gender roles, especially once removed from its own society.

For example, compare a person with a degree in mathematics and a kid still in school. What the kid has to teach on the subject of algebra rather pales in comparison to that other person’s knowledge.

Likewise, someone who grew up sheltered from even street crime in a country that has not seen war in a century probably won’t have a very enlightening or even coherent concept of war.

But that made me wonder how value even works for such things. Can one say that someone’s opinion has no value? Maybe it’s an unpopular view, but I think the answer is yes. There are some opinions that, for one reason or another, have no value. An opinion can be wrong.

Maybe not in a factual way (although, why not), but definitely in a moral one.

It does come back to the first thought though. Even in a story where people are better off in another body, or gender roles are challenged, there’s too strong a belief that the challengers are wrong. That the default is somehow still right. I don’t know if it’s a lack of courage or a fear of the status quo. Or an inability to believe that things are not exactly the way they are supposed to be.

Also, I have seen too many gender-bending stories that fail to take into account the simple fact that people are aware of their own bodies. Speaking as a pregnant woman, I can say that with exasperated emphasis. Even before that, I could feel it when I’d gained or lost a trivial amount of weight. For heaven’s sake, if someone cut my hair while I slept, I’d notice it in the morning–before looking in a mirror.

So why do none of these characters notice their newly acquired mammaries until they look at or touch them? Breasts change balance, if nothing else. Heck, just going up a size is noticeable. (once again speaking from experience)



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