Screenshot and some thoughts on eventing

Just one screenshot and not a really deep thought, but no one expects much from me.

This is part of the scene that I worked on today, and it probably won’t be a terribly long one. Although it might actually end up a long one, now that I think about it. Depends on how much explanation is necessary for the questing part. As it is, all that really has to happen is that they explain they need a wizard, and just like the others, before they get to say why, the wizard with whom they are speaking tells them that he is busy.


As they are accustomed to this sort of thing (and may well have dealt with either or both of the other wizards who said the same kind of thing), our tepid–er, intrepid heroes offer their aid. They need a non-busy wizard, after all.

This one wants an errand run, and it’s going to be pretty clear that the reason is just as much that he isn’t in the mood to go out as it is that he really is genuinely preoccupied.

The errand might end up a complicated mess of eventing, but the last time I had a simple concept that I knew would be an eventing mess, I managed it in a matter of days. So we shall see what happens with this one.

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