Arguing Faction Tracking

…with myself. I should probably have this discussion with my partner in crime, but at time of writing, he’s very much preoccupied and I’m trying to procrastinate without reading The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Also at time of writing, I am full of ginger. (more literally than figuratively)

crazyUsing this very old “crazy” mood icon to represent the pro faction argument.

nervousAnd the “nervous” mood icon for the opposing side.

But first, an explanation. One of the complexities I have considered for inclusion in Desiderata is that of varying factions. I may have said it before, however if I have done, it will have been months ago. Right now, there are two factions that are technically in the game. They’re entirely plot at this point, and both are 100% optional.

The idea I have is to add another faction, and keep them all optional. But they will have levels of loyalty/friendship, with the varying degrees one might expect in events.

crazy Complexity is already a common element of Desiderata, and Cookiemonger has never shied from (for long) or failed to accomplish a difficult event. Factions are also already present in the game, and would only require addition, not belated implementation.

nervous Adding extra layers to the factions is more work, and as they are all optional, one might argue they are also unnecessary.

crazy They may be optional, but they are also difficult to miss. One is easy to find, another is simply a struggle to figure out, and the third is entirely down to choice of actions. The proposed third faction is part of the main story.

nervous Still not a reason to include extra complexity in something that is already unfinished in its current state.

crazy If further work is already needed, then there isn’t any harm in that list being longer. Desiderata’s greatest asset is character development, and we’ve already done a lot of work to make choices and even sidequests effect change upon the experience.

Hmm. I didn’t expect to come to a conclusion, as I have been arguing this amongst myself for a while, and this is not the first time it has come up. I’ll have a real discussion later, but this was kind of fun.


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