Gah freewriting at last

And I don’t really like it much. I may have to just go back and finish something instead of doing this to myself. Or maybe I should just start with some kind of plan other than, “I don’t want to do anything else. :|”

Flakes of ash flurried in the air like unhurried snow. The cracked stones and toppled pillars had once come together to form a gathering place.  Sahar snatched at a clump of it with a gloved hand. Residue clung to the black leather. “I can’t decide if this is too little or too late.”

Her partner Virgil stood at the edge of the ruins, his red scarf tucked into his coat. The wind ravaged his hair to compensate. “Could be both.”

She moved to wipe her glove on her skirt, then thought better of it. A grey-white stripe would not have improved the stark black fabric.

It could be another false start that ends up working out better for me. Again, just need to think things through just a little better.


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