Romance with good characters!

I have had Unveiled sitting on my Overdrive shelf for… probably about ten days. Not because I haven’t wanted to read it, more because I wasn’t opening Overdrive. When I did get into it, I spent about two days reading, most of that today (chapters four or five through to twenty-ffff and epilogue).

This was the second Courtney Milan book I’ve read, and I actually really, really liked this one. Which is funny, because the first one I read was unimpressive and even gave rise to a rant. That was quite a while ago.

The best part of the book was the cast of characters. They were all, down to the supporting players, likeable and well-developed. And if someone was not likeable (Duke Parford), then that someone was not supposed to be likeable AAAAND they were simply believable characters who were realistically unpleasant.

No moustache-twirling villains. No stupid beyond belief heroine.

It was a breath of fresh air that nearly knocked me over after my YA reading. Milan’s explicit scenes also don’t make me laugh or roll my eyes. That in itself is just amazing. I’m not the sort who revels in or flips straight to those bits, but I do like them to fit within the narrative. Not, you know, call attention to themselves as though they are stains on an otherwise lovely blouse.

The hero and the heroine started on a kind of see-saw of likeability for me. At first, I was a lot warmer towards the hero, as the heroine starts out a bit tetchy. But then my opinion would swivel to her side, then back–although there came a point where she had my sympathy over him and it never swung back. In spite of this, I never actually disliked the guy.

Part of the perma-swing was due to the fact that I was right there with this lady in her worries, and I was a bit annoyed at the guy for pressing his suit without listening to a dang word she said.

Still. I liked the book.


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