Another Reading Challenge?

Maybe not quite yet. I’ve still been using my Overdrive accounts fairly regularly since I ended that first foray into spending most of my time reading. Right now, I have two books still to read, one of which I’m almost done with (about forty pages to go).

I think if I were to fill out my 5/10 limits again, I’d want to do it from a position of ’empty’ on both sides. Which means I probably won’t give it a go until Wednesday or Thursday. Then I’ll get onto the ol’ blog and post a list of my tentative fifteen titles to be read, again in the limit of twenty-one days (my loan limit) and get started.

It made me wonder, while I was considering doing it at all this morning, how some people choose their reading material. I rather envy those who only read series (the crazy long ones that just keep hemorrhaging new titles) or a single genre. My problem is that, although I do not like everything, I do read everything. I even read nonfiction, though not many or often.

…thinking on it, the fact that I read across so much territory may explain why I find so much to displease me. That could well be funny, but I feel a little to guilty and/or distressed at the prospect to make a joke.

I’d promise myself a concrete Wednesday start–but I have a doctor appointment tomorrow. I’ve got to remember to ask her about Owen’s movement, if there’s a chance that taking the GTT on the heels of a cold (or any other factor) would cause a false negative, and about inducing.

We have a day picked out if we do, but that’s just because we’re weird. Not because anyone thinks there’s a definite chance she’ll think it’s a good idea or a bad one.

The reason we have a day picked out is a little funny, so I’ll digress a bit longer. Abbie is the first grandchild for my mum and dad–both her spouse and mine are a bit late to the party on their sides of the family, although in Hubby’s and my case, ours is the first grandchild for his parents and the first grandson for mine.

When Abbie was born, her mum went into labour about a week (maybe two, I’ve forgotten now) early. Abbie was born several hours later, in the unearthly hours of night/morning on July 9th. This is also my brother’s birthday. And that of our cousin’s wife. (they were married the next year, in the interest of giving more information than anyone wants)

So July 9th is a crowded birthday. If we add one more to it, then maybe we can classify it a block party and no one will be allowed to beg off for work. It’ll be the biggest day of the year aside from Christmas. That’d be awesome.

It’s a good thing that my dad doesn’t read my blog, or he’d suggest a good four weeks early. His birthday is June 22, and I don’t know if he’s ever decided that I wasn’t born three weeks early just to spite him. I wouldn’t put it past me, personally. …and I just noticed that the June 1985 and June 2013 calendars are the same. Spooky.


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