2nd Reading Challenge Day 2

This one is going better than last time, I think. I made smarter choices in my reading. There’s a much better variety on my list, and so far I’ve finished three books.

Yesterday I burned through River Secrets, then followed it up with St George. The latter was a good deal shorter, but part of that was due to formatting. The iPad turned itself off quite a few times when I wasn’t yet done with a page. I probably should have made the text larger or something, but I’m lazy.

Then today I read Dark Reunion. I’m even less certain now if I ever read it. I may have only read the first three books. There’s a second series, but I’m not sure when those were written, and I’m fairly certain that it was done because of something similar to editor mandate. But I’ll give the first book a try, at least.

Just woke up about an hour ago (or less) and I’m still having trouble breathing and getting going. I have a bad feeling that I’m going to get sick again soon. Another cold. And I think I’m hungry, but I can’t decide what to eat or if I even want to bother.

I started reading as soon as I woke up, though. That was when I finished The Dark Reunion, and I ended up getting straight into Divine Misfortune. I’m on either chapter four or chapter two. My brain is a tad muggy. Which is I’m sure is quite, quite clear. It’s a funny idea for a book, very slightly different from what I expected, and a very very little like my own idea that I mentioned not far back.

Of course, this is more humour-orientated and less comic-book-y than what I was thinking of, and went with some recognisability rather than total originality. I think I’m going to make up a new pantheon. Or maybe I’ll use the one I made up for A Cuckoo Sings Inside Me. I didn’t use that as much as I had expected.


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