Still reading, but slowly

The weekend was incredibly busy on Saturday, and I ended up needing all of Sunday just to recover. I’m still a bit under the weather, and I’m not sure if I’m going to get sick again or not. So I didn’t manage to finish a book on Saturday, though I did finish it up on Sunday. I don’t think I’ll finish one today, either, I’m all behind.

I also had a hold go through, and there are sixteen people after me on the list, so I may try to read that one and get even more “behind”. In the interest of courtesy to the other people waiting to read this book.

Other than that, right now I’m in the middle of Captain Jack’s Woman, which is okay, but not exactly gripping, and Do Elephants Jump?, which I like, and is a quick read even though it’s a long book. It’s one of those fun nonfiction books with a bunch of strange questions getting answered one at a time. The book calls them “imponderables”, which I find charming.

Going to keep this short since I’ve said pretty much everything that’s going on with my reading, and because my fingers hurt after my long FF13 rant. Also, I really ought to eat. It’s been too long since breakfast, and I keep forgetting to get up and find some toast.

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