So out of it

Today was weird. Possibly deserving of a few extra ‘e’s in weird. I got up about the normal time I do that, and then I started reading. And that was all I did until nearly half past 13:00. I know I started and finished Dragon Slippers in that time, and got it returned for the next of the sixteen people awaiting it.

I waited quite a while for it, myself. It’s one of the earliest books I put on my holds list… curiously, the next book in a series by Elizabeth Hoyt has been on there for a good deal longer. It’s the one that comes after the very first book I read in Overdrive. I think I started at number three or four on the list, and now I’m at the top.

Her books are not exactly doorstoppers, nor is she Dickens. What is taking these people so long to read? I’m not complaining, it isn’t like I’m in a hurry to read it. I just think it’s kind of funny. I’ll have to try to remember to report the pagecount when I finally get it. Maybe I’m wrong and it is a doorstopper.

So yeah. Dragon Slippers. It bothered me how much damage and death came in at the end, although that really should have hit me as a refreshing subversion. There were two characters I wanted to see beaten to death by Jet Li or a forklift or something. One of them did die, but the other one was doomed to a life of boring servitude. I wanted her to at least fall down the stairs, but no.

I have this violent streak in my reading reactions lately.

The funny thing is, she was initially presented as handicapped, and in most YA fantasy novels for girls, this means she’ll be a mix of Helen Burns and Sara Crewe’s entourage. Instead, she’s the one I want pushed down the stairs for being a right nasty piece of work. Oops. Spoiler. Oh well. It isn’t like her heel-itude is actually explained properly in the narrative. One of the book’s few failings.

It didn’t take all that long to read it, but afterwards, I sort of picked through Captain Jack’s Woman. Why is it that the fact that I am not a prude make me feel embarrassed and annoyed when two characters talk about sex? Not when they know what they’re talking about–when they haven’t a clue. I swear, I should be laughing my head off at these women who are probably older than me, talking about “tongue kissing”. Right after they have pointed out that they both grew up in the country and have probably see farm animals going about the business of nature.

Okay, I did laugh at that particular bit.

But then, I think I’m pretty weird about this type of book. I think I’ll go on with it, mostly because I am waiting for the sword fights it promised me.


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