First one to drop off the list

I can put up with a lot of dumb stuff (I still complain, but I finish the stupid book), but if I’m reading a romance and the alphole hero shouts at the heroine for not telling him she’s a virgin, book gets binned.

This was the worst I’ve ever seen it, too. The guy guessed she might be a virgin at the start, but then went out of his way to insist to himself that she couldn’t possibly be. It didn’t help that he constantly shouted at her, exerted his will and won every time, despite being about as likeable as haemorrhoids, and his insta-lust was particularly off-putting and at times outright disgusting.

To make it even better, when he yelled at her, she had put aside her own misgivings to be with him. Internally. Without shouting at, fighting with, or slapping him.

I would have liked that last one to happen. It wasn’t that the heroine wasn’t strong enough to stand up for herself, or that she never tried. She wasn’t really a doormat. She did try to stand up to the guy. Unfortunately, the writer was clearly on his side. Repulsive.

So yeah, no more Captain Jack’s Woman to slog through. I could just count Dragon Slippers and move on, but I have two more of my holds go through (on the same day) and after about an hour of reading, I’m a third of the way through one of them. It’s the one that has been on my holds list for about two months, the one I mentioned in my last post.

It’s about 196 pages of story (forgetting front and back matter). I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that the last two people who had it had full lists of books or were busy.

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