Getting behind again

Not getting through my list as quickly as I would like. I still have seven books, two of em quite dense, as well as long, and only nine days left. I can’t remember now if I startedcmissing out on a book a day because most of tem have been long, or if it’s due to havig less time to read.

Still, I think I can do it. I’ve actually started most of them, and I can finish at least one today. My conditions are working together to keep me in bed.

Only 70 days to go until my due date. Or sixty-three, if we’re ready a week early. I’m certainly not counting on it, I’ve learned not to. It’d be controlled, easier, and I’d get the postponed medical treatment I need a little sooner.

Basing conjecture of the future on my luck, I’d say Owen would like to go forty-two weeks. But I don’t think the doctor will quite let that fly.

Time seems to be dragging and passing too quickly without regards for the inherent contradiction.


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