Not dead, thankfully

But sometimes I feel like it.

I’ve had plenty of interesting ideas lately, but usually in the darkest hours of the night/morning, when I ought to be sleeping. Or in the midmorning, when it’s all I can do to stop from sleeping.

I’ve got three books left, although I thought I had four for some reason. Superman was surprisingly dense and intense, so I didn’t think I could follow up the equally long Catherine the Great book. I’ve got to replace it with something from my holds. I’m well into Evil Genius now, then I’ve just got Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and probably The Raven Prince.

Five days to go. I’ve barely blogged at all this month. Second trimestre is quite, quite over, and so I think I’m probably in another crappy period. My arthritis has flared right up (I have half-joked that I need hospice care, more than once) and today I was so fatigued that I nearly blacked out a couple of times.

However! Thanks to my mum and sister, I have clothes that fit, so I feel a lot more human. I went so long on one skirt, oy. It’s an experience wearing jeans again, my goodness.

If I can just get myself feeling less like a zombie, I think I’ll work out my notes on a pantheon in blog posts. I keep meaning to do it, but things like swollen hands and that unstoppable sleepiness have cut me off.

Might wait until I’ve finished reading those books.


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