Brief break to holler

I want to write mini or full reviews for each of the books I have read these past twenty days. But of course, I have to finish first. I have about sixty e-pages left of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and I really need to stop to scream at it.

Fair enough, I was warned. The warnings I received had words like ‘dry’ and ‘atonal’. The ones I’ll use are ‘tedious’ and ‘disengaging’.

I do not balk from dense or supposedly difficult reading. One of my favourite books is The Brothers Karamazov. I have read Shakespeare, Nabokov, and Chaucer. I undertand and enjoy classic literature. High-handed language neither deters nor defeats me.

But this book is just ridiculous.

My brain turns off in self-defense at least once per chapter. The words feel meaningless, and I suspect that several commas have been made homeless through poor understanding.

The worst of it? Literally nothing ever happens. I am in Chapter 28, and I swear that nearly the entire book is one character or another reciting a flashback aloud. These flashbacks wouldn’t even make interesting scenes if they were the plot instead.

It reminds me of SNES role-playing games, when I would save and turn off the game to go outside, because I just realised that the whole experience boiled down to, “dungeon, walk to town, NPC exposits, walk to dungeon, repeat.”

Probably won’t bother to review this one. I have pretty much summed up my thoughts here.


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