Being productive in the meantime

So, after all of the fuss that was made… Heh, seriously, when I say, “all the fuss,” I am not exaggerating. My OB ordered three tests, one of which sent me up the hill to the university hospital. There, a nurse, a phlebotomist, and two midwives hovered over me, literally for hours.

They monitored Owen’s heartbeat and movement, which were both great (he must just be most active after 17:00), but with my BP being INSANE they drew a bunch of blood and nearly sent me home (twice!) with a duplicate of test equipment I’d already gotten from the other lab. I also got a shot of some sort of steroid that will help Owen’s lungs develop faster in case we have to induce. First shot of two.

Then we go in to get the second shot and turn in the twenty-four hour test last night, and we get one nurse who takes her bloody time and nearly forgets to pick up the twenty-four hour test after giving me the shot.

Mixed messages, much?

I honestly packed a quickie version of my hospital bag in case the test results came back saying PRE-ECLAMPSIA and staff kermit-flailed until I got into a hospital bed. It’s not like I want to have this scary thing happen–we are not even stuff-equipped for Owen to be premature, haven’t even got the right size nappies–I just want some consistency. Don’t scare me if it’s not necessary!

um. Anyway.

I worked on Desiderata for a good hour today, finished up a sidequest that’s mostly just dialogue fun. I still have missing maps, which includes the arena. The arena should be a good chunk of thingy, too, but I think it can wait, since I’ve got to place a lot more sidequests, let alone write and event them. There are five of them, one of which is a multi-tiered endeavour, and another which may require me to add or complete a few NPCs in one area of the city.

There are also at least six major plot-related quests that need writing, and since they are basically three independent pairs, that’s a lot of work. It’s that wizard-choosing thing. This is where the game branches on a major level–the first level of wizard quests can all be done, but the second level marks the choice.

One of the wizards has an extra but optional step that can, in combination with a previous happening, knock down his price from 200 to as low as 120 (180 if you don’t have the other thing done, and it’s not something you get a second chance at). I have to write that, and it’ll probably be the reason that I go through his plot quest first.

Also reading another Poirot mystery. Strangely, I don’t think he shows up until at least ten chapters in. Which is weird. It’s an experience, reading them with what was a stronger familiarity with Sherlock Holmes. They have very different chronology and status quos.

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