Tests and Eventing

Heard back on the pre-eclampsia, it’s a negative. So that’s good. Unfortunately, also heard back about the GTT and it’s a little high, so I have to go in on Wednesday for the time-sucking three hour test. I really, really hate the idea of this one. Even more than the whole bedrest and magnesium and worrying about early birth thing. For some reason, it was easier to adjust to the idea of pre-eclampsia. I felt like I knew what to do about that one.

Gestational diabetes just sucks. And I’m particularly high risk. I’m glad that I asked for another test, especially since it’s come to this–GD scares the crap out of me–but it still sucks.

So I’m keeping busy until Wednesday, trying to keep my mind off of it. Even started exercising, since suddenly parts of my body are actually working. Walking around the flat for a prolonged period of time, and keeping up my flexion exercise on my fingers. My right ring finger is still pulling lock-up shenanigans, but hopefully that’ll let up. It makes typing weird and picking stuff up a little scary.

I’ve still got all that big obnoxious stuff to event in Desiderata, but I took a chunk out of the optional step I mentioned in my last post. It requires even more checks and repetitive “are you sure” stuff than I had initially planned, but so far, it’s not too bad. I’m taking a break.

HabitRPG still isn’t at its most stable, but I’ve found ways to make it work. I added quite a few dailies (my exercise, for one) and now I’m considering using it to get myself working on Esperanto again. I’ve got a copy of Ivy Kellerman on my iPad now, and I think I’m going to make a new account on lernu, so I can start fresh. We’ll see. Finished two more books yesterday, too.

It’s going to be really funny when Owen is born and all of this stuff goes onto the, “Wow, remember when I had time to even think about that stuff?” list.

Fifty-one days to go.

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