Hitting a routine?

Really wish I would develop some kind of skills to read faster. I time myself as part of my HabitRPG…er, thing. Mostly so that I don’t spend the whole day reading. Which I have been known to do these past few months. And if I do spend hours reading, at least I keep track of it and feel somewhat productive.

Still, it seems to take me about an hour and a half to finish a YA novel. That seems like a really long time. Until I say it now and realise that if I don’t take a nap during the day, I am up and about for a good fourteen hours.

But who is going to spend that kind of time doing what amounts to one thing?

Especially if some of one’s reading is especially thought-provoking or obnoxious. Which mine tend to be. My lightest reading is pretty much posts on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. Almost classify that site as comfort or chocolate reading. There are some hilarious reviews, but also quite profound thoughts there.

I don’t read a book a day, though that’d be cool, but I do finish at least two or three a week. It varies, as may have become terribly clear. But tracking myself on Goodreads has been interesting. I fprget some stuff and leave others out. I also tend to remember books I read years ago.

That’s really my biggest problem with Goodreads. I can’t recall enough of the titles I have read. I mostly joined so that I could have a better place to get recommendations than bloody Amazon. To give recommendations, it has to know what I have already done. I think O have finally added a fair amount, and it can help me keep track of the hundreds of hardcopies I need to get to. As soon as I add those.

So tired. I’ll be interesting later.


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