What a day

Oh, the pain. It’s really quite impressive. I feel like I can do literally nothing for myself, which isn’t quite true. I managed to shower, dress, and eat breakfast, without waking up the hubby. At high cost of comfort, of course, but it hurts and I can hardly ask him to walk for me. I need to keep from going stiff. Much as I want to curl up and sleep until my doctor’s appointment on Monday.

Just finished reading And Then There Were None. I saw the movie a long time ago with my mum, the sort of thing we did together. But I didn’t recall much, and I had the most wonderful time buzzing through it from start to finish. Took a little over an hour and a half, mostly because I had to rest my arms and hands more often (my copy is a paperback, not an ebook), but I could feel myself reading very quickly.

It’s a sensation I would liken to pretending one is a candle flame.

There’s still quite a lot of things I could and should do today. Thankfully, I don’t think I have to go anywhere to accomplish them, particularly working on that first chapter of Harley’s story. My Esperanto studies are going better, reviving rather fully (I hope) from the neglect they fell into. It helps that I only really want to learn to read and write the language.

Desiderata work is stalled a bit, since I’ve sort of hit a point where I’m not quite sure what I want to do. So I’m including making notes and journalling a bit about it on the side. I’ve been working on this one city for so long that I need reminding that there are a good number of places beyond it, and the game probably isn’t even at its halfway point in the story.

It’s necessary, really. I’ve got dangerously accustomed to having a comprehensive checklist for what needs doing that when I finish ticking off all of the boxes, I might feel a bit lost.

Ugh, this is the hardest that pregnancy has gotten. The absolute worst is coughing–that violent action that is hardly fun to begin with–I have to brace myself and heaven help me if I’m standing. I nearly fell over from how much it hurt to cough.

Not even arthritis taught me to hate my pelvis. Life is very interesting. I say this because it was suggested to me that the arthritis might be making it worse or causing it, but nope, this is all pregnancy. I’ve never had pelvic or back pain from my arthritis.

Now I’ve gotta walk about a bit, and dreading it. When I sit down again, I’m sure I’ll either read some more or work on Harley. If the latter, I might share a paragraph or two later today.


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