Another bit of what I’ve been writing

Because I said I would the other day and then forgot to.

After what I wrote today, I think I’m about halfway done with this first chapter. I thought that if I’m ever going to put up any more snippets, it should probably be now. Doctor’s appointment early-ish tomorrow morning.


After the moist press of sweaty people in a small space, she felt more like she was floating than walking. Although she had no trouble admitting this might have been due to the sky-scraping level of sugar in her drink.

She grinned through the rush. With luck, it would last until she got home, and the crash would coincide perfectly with an afternoon nap on the couch.

Painted lines in the street glistened eagerly, as if they longed to peel free of the tarmac and take flight. Harley pressed the cup to her forehead. The external cold met with her internal brain freeze. She blinked it into manageable immuration as she strode into the crosswalk.

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