Pregnesia (it’s a book, haha)

There is actually a history behind this, for me. Which is why I bought it last night and read it in about an hour or so. It’s not a great book, and it certainly isn’t much of a romance, but it is amusing. Particularly to me, as I said.

Years ago, I think well before I met my husband, I was at the library looking at the discarded books for sale. There are always any number of completely unwanted titles, but one caught my eye. It was in a section of mass-abandoned romance titles, but I think it was one of the few Harlequin Intrigue books on that shelf.

I picked it up because the title was weird, and the heroine on the cover is (rather amusingly) pregnant.


I really ought to have gotten it right then. It was only a quarter. But then again, I didn’t really read any genre of romance at the time, so maybe I wouldn’t have appreciated it. There is a certain way to appreciate this book.

Aside from the funny (and much-linked, apparently) review on SBTB. In fact, and this makes my incredibly low opinion of amateur reviewers even lower, there exists at least one “review” on Goodreads that is just some sad jerk linking to that review. Sigh. But I digress.

One thing that actually kind of baffles me is how the title makes people giggle. It is funny. She’s pregnant and has amnesia, that’s the whole premise. And it is a funny word.

But neither the publisher nor the author made it up. And nobody on the internet that I’ve come across seems to actually know this. It makes their giggly enjoyment look really stupid. Especially since they snort and trumpet on about it like it’s Smekday or something.

Anywho, the way to enjoy this book is to not really expect anything. The tension keeping the hero and heroine apart is more contrived and artificial than an imaginary styrofoam wall, the villain comes in at the last minute without ever having much presence and then acts like he’s not even sure he actually wants anything, and the characters act hilariously stupid.

The hero is an ex-Navy SEAL, but the problem with that is that I know guys like that. Not only does he fail to really fit the bill IMO, but he also spends way, way more time angsting about his childhood than is really plausible. It kind of made me want to watch early episodes of Burn Notice so I could remember what it looks like when that kind of character and backstory are done competently.

Really, I’m glad I read this now and not when I first found it. It’s a lot funnier while I’m pregnant. Some of the pregnancy details are off or from the realm of fantasy, which of course I don’t really mind. My hormones are also around to make me sympathise when the attempts would probably have fallen flat otherwise. Probably other things.

But if you’re a stickler for Show Don’t Tell, stay very very very far away. The majority of this book is telling, to the point that some parts of it look more like a summary than an actual book. There are entire conversations that are reported to the reader. I found this more baffling than annoying. I don’t have the right industry savvy, but I have heard that this type of book is not very long.


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