It always feels so strange to be drowsing and yet not really wish to sleep. I have the strangest dreams, not all of them bad. If I’m reading while I start to nod off and catch myself, then my brain tries doggedly to keep on reading, and it never seems to get things quite right. The funniest part of that is that not only does it begin supplying quite the wrong words, it also makes a sort of dreamy retcon. Somehow I got demon hunters into Northanger Abbey.

Today will hopefully be productive. I’ve got about six library books on my queue, which I’ve been trying to free up (I can’t remember the last time it was empty…) to refresh my reading habits.

Rather astonishingly, my mum has let me buy her a Kindle. She doesn’t like to let me spend much money on her, and I’ve been trying to get her a smartphone for ages. When I had this idea, I was sure that she’d tell me she doesn’t have time to read or something. But no, she let me! It’s wonderful. Had to do some searching, to get her one that actually does audiobooks without having to be a Kindle Fire.

I understand the business aspect of removing features from the e-reader Kindles so that they can push the pricier tablets, but really, it is a nuisance. I have the luxury of being the consumer. That means that no matter how much sense their business plans make, when I am inconvenience, I may cheerfully kvetch.

All of this led to me thinking about getting a Kindle myself. My phone is not bad for reading, though its battery does not encourage it, and obviously ebooks have been the most common use of my iPad for the past few months. But there are some distinct pros to having both devices (not necessarily carried together very often).

A Kindle is smaller and lighter. The battery lasts a great deal longer. If I just want to read, then there’s no need to carry the heavier iPad. Having most of my books on a Kindle would free up a lot of space on my iPad (which is only a 16GB model). I can still get library ebooks on a Kindle, so no loss there.

So I’m getting myself one for my birthday. And also because it’ll be a great thing to have when I eventually have my happy hospital stay. But because I can’t sit well with only that as justification, I’ve been saving up my reward “money” on HabitRPG. I set the price for letting me buy myself such an expensive gift (I’m a miser, don’t judge me) at 200 gold pieces. Right now I have 121.

The two Kindles should be getting here by this evening, so if I don’t have enough gold by then, I’ll have to just let it sit in the box and wait until I do.

Going to do a lot of reading and work on Desiderata today. :D


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