I’m old! :D

So I started the day at half past two. Not from the hopping Santa-was-here-esque excitement of it being my birthday, but from being in intense pain and Owen hitting me in the bladder. I’ll be 35 weeks on Monday. Might look into how possible it is for me to sleep sitting up, as I cannot lie on my back (duh) and lying on my side is starting to feel like medieval torture.

I only managed to get to about 157 or so gold in HabitRPG. But when one considers that I started the day with 108 coins, that’s probably pretty good. Also an indicator of just how much it’s possible to even do in a day.

Dunno if I got enough sleep. I think we went to bed at 20:30, so that would mean waking up at 2:40 netted me about six hours. That’s usually all I need. Oh good, I was about to start worrying. Which I probably shouldn’t do, for reasons of health rather than… well, reason.

Not entirely sure how the day is going to go. My brother’s coming to hang out, but Dither is also leaving to help a friend move. Lisa is coming in the evening, after Divina’s birthday party, which Ethan also has to attend, as everyone else who represents our family is out of state. But I think he’s coming back. Either way, we’re gonna watch Flash Gordon. Because it is awesome and I get to say.

Yesterday, I did end up doing quite a bit in Desiderata. Some of that was to go back and play through what we’ve already done. I fixed one or two things, remembered how much I hate the desert (not the real one), and I’m about to start the very event-heavy part of Chapter Two.

Progress-wise, I have maybe two sidequests left, and then I absolutely have to continue with the plot. Which I’m still procrastinate-y on, and I’m still not sure as to why. The two sidequests that are left are also really complicated. One absolutely demands close collaboration with Dither, while the other… probably requires the same, but is even more difficult, as it reaches back through to two instances in the relatively complete portion of the game. And into the future.

…I don’t know what I want for my birthday. People have asked me, and I have always a resounding, “No earthly clue.” Have I outgrown it? Or have I just gotten used to buying or denying the few things I want?


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