Slow in thought and action

Didn’t get to bed until roughly midnight. Dither set up the couch so I could sleep in sitting yet reclining postion. It was mostly glorious. Only ‘mostly’ because I missed him being rght there through the night. Little lonely. In fact, it made it kind of hard to sleep because at first I just felt like I was in a darker version of waking up early.

But as I had finally reached 200 gold, I could read on the Kindle Paperwhite. Either the backlight is as powerful as Superman, or it was really dark, because I had the backlight at its lowest possible setting and could see/read quite well. A sincerely ringing endorsement.

I picked a sample I’d picked up a while back and passed out before reaching the end of the firt chapter. Woke up around 3:00 and then managed to fall asleep again. On the couch, feet up on my rocking (literally) ottoman, with a big fat comforter to keep me from tilting or tipping onto my side. It still seems kind of weird, and I was up again at 6:00, so I just showered and got some water.

Later, I read until I passed out again, so I can officially sleep just fine this way. And I probably will until Owen’s arrival. It’s so nice not to dread bedtime.

Still have two library ebooks to read that I can only access on the iPad or my phone. Oh, epub. I have used this fomat so extensively for so long. It feels a bit wrong to go properly mobi. That turn of phrase also sounds stupid.

I’ve started quite a few book series this year, and for some of them it’s about time to continue, or I’m fair into them.

Mind is wandering, and typing on the iPad is getting annoying, so I’ll stop here.


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