The Adventures of Brooklyn and Jersey Rose

There are these two characters I came up with yonks ago. They’ve had a lot of different incarnations, but a few things are pretty consistent. They have always been twins, dark-haired and good-looking, and usually young. Brooklyn is a girl, Jersey is a boy. Their personalities usually aren’t the same from one instance to another, but Jersey tends to be mellower than his sister. This is varied from his being quiet while she is sociable, to his being the voice of reason while she is the one who doesn’t mind breaking physical laws.

In their first incarnation, they lived with their grandmother. They’ve never had a mum, and their dad is usually AWOL for various reasons. Usually ones that look like plot. Once or twice, they had no parents. I don’t remember how that worked.

But they made an interesting pair. I’m not a fan of too many stocks and archetypes, but Brooklyn’s tendency to be more volatile than her brother (fierce is a common adjective for her) is at least a good catalyst. Whether or not Jersey responds to her by being a calming influence. Once or twice, he not only didn’t keep her in check, he encouraged her in order to satisfy his own repressed desire to misbehave.

The most constant things about these two are what they look like and their relationship with each other. It’s kind of fun to have two characters sitting on a bench whenever I want to just mess about or try some idea that may or may not work. The idea I have that I might use if I decide to go ahead and do Camp NaNoWriMo calls for a pair of siblings.

In this case, I hadn’t actually thought about Brooklyn and Jersey at all. The siblings I need don’t necessarily have to be twins–in fact, they almost were not siblings initially–and they are a few years older than the Rose twins have been inclined to be. But then when I was trying to think of names, I considered twin name theming. Behind the Name has a section for this, so I pulled it up. And a few items down, I remembered the Roses.

Of course, this is all up in the air. With the feeding tube still out (terrified of him having to go back on it), nurses are telling me that Owen might get to come home soon. He is one ounce away from weighing five pounds even, and he actually ate everything he needed to the last time we tried to feed him. The first two or three weeks after he gets home will pretty much get spent sleeping and eating, so it might be the best time to novel. But I’ll also be getting up in the middle of the night and probably sleeping whenever he is.

We’ll see.


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