Crossed Fingers

I wish I could say that a lot is happening at once, but really it isn’t. Rather, we’re getting a lot of hopes up in a short burst. Owen is eating like a champion, alert when he ought to be, and otherwise doing beautifully. We took his carseat so that the nurse could give him his carseat test after we left. So this morning is when we’ll find out if he managed it.

Just in case, she gave us the stuff we’d be taking home so that when he does come home, we’ll have less to carry. We talked about discharge information and watched the inevitably terrifying CPR video. Owen slept through it.

I want to hope that he’ll come home today, but I am so afraid of disappointed optimism. It’s such an irritatingly crippling fear that I feel certain he won’t. Just because that would suuuuuck.

I also had HabitRPG mess up on me again. This time it was a little bit my fault. While I was using the site, I accidentally changed the date on my computer. I changed it back, but it still shoinked my HP, destroyed all of my streaks, and began accusing me of letting all of my habits slip. So that’s fun. I managed to remember my streaks’ numbers (after fixing them so many times, it’s hardly surprising, geez), and I guess I can work my way back through everything else. But it’s still annoying.

It’ll be really nice when this site is working properly more often then ‘sometimes, if you’re lucky’.

My Esperanto studies are going rather well. I’m trying to do vocabulary right now, which is a nice break from grammar. Especially since I’m still trudging through the ancient Ivy Kellerman book. Some of the grammar in that is probably not the done thing anymore, and I caught that at least once. But it’s still a good resource, and it supplements my use of well enough. I try to do a lesson a day, so I still have a good… oh probably near forty to go.

It’s not the first time I’ve used this book to study, but it would be the first time I’ve ever finished it–if I do. I shouldn’t say if, but it feels iffy. There is no listing for correct answers to check any translation sections of the lessons, so I fly blind constantly. I definitely read Esperanto better than I translate from English to Esperanto. Dunno if I mind. I think I’d be okay with just reading it.

Still balancing between hoping and trying to manage anticipated disappointment.


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