At last!

Owen is home, so life has upturned to crazy, especially for me. We borrowed my sister’s bassinet (she won’t need it ’til October), but he refuses to sleep in it, so he woke me up howling until I changed his nappy and got him back into his Pack ‘n Play. His eating schedule is supposed to stay the same as it was in the hospital–every three hours–but it got messed up right away his first day home and he didn’t eat much. I nearly wept from relief when he started eating normally/well around 2:30 this morning.

Since it’s about that same time in the afternoon, I’m going to check his nappy and feed him again. I got about half an hour of sleep last night, and I think an hour and a half thanks to my mum coming by and feeding him while hubby helped too. Unfortunately, he seems to have decided he’s only going to eat well for me.

Better go get him ready to eat.

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