With all of the reading that I did while I was still pregnant (and ongoing, of course), I feel simultaneously that it’s an easy and impossible decision whether or not to do Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s not on my mind constantly, but I do think about it a lot. There are lots of pros and cons to doing it and also to not doing it.

Maybe if I got them out of my head and onto some paper or a screen, I’ll be better equipped to make the decision. At least, it’ll give me something to write about today. Anywho. Pessimism out of the way first.

Reasons not to do it:

  • My track record since marriage has rather tanked. My life is busier, and block hits me heavier and longer. I’ve already got postpartum depression, I don’t really need to make it worse by setting myself up for a “failure”.
  • It’s time-consuming, and I haven’t been in a writing habit for a while. I would have to schedule my time, and most of that is pre-scheduled. Granted, this is the easiest time I shall ever have of dividing my time between my baby and myself. He’s just eating and sleeping. …every couple of hours.
  • Every idea I have feels nebulous or lacking the moment I grasp it.
  • I’m not getting enough sleep.

Reasons to do it:

  • I miss timed novelling challenges.
  • It’s been a long time since Shifting Elements, and I want to add to my KDP and Smashwords endeavours.
  • There are a lot of characters that I want to write about/with, and this is the perfect opportunity to do anything without fear of it mattering too much. Even though I’ll probably feel like it matters too much anyway.
  • Every book I read lately makes me want to write. Not the way that used to go, when something was exceptionally horrendous and I wanted to prove I could do better, or when I read something amazing and wanted to run off and do my own amazing thing.

The biggest things are that I am probably too exhausted to do it, but also too in need of a nudge to not do it.

I should probably get a nap. I’ve got about an hour and a half until the next feeding time–and for some reason, typing that made me think of a baby dragon. One of those would not fit in the Pack ‘n Play.


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