Choosing an instrument for a character

This time ’round, I decided that Brooklyn would be an outgoing, social person in constant need of attention and recognition. She responds to her own personality by basically being Judy Garland–but replacing acting with an instrument. In order to pick which one she should play, I did a Google search. I tend towards guitar because I have known so many guitarists, and lots of them have had traits in common with her.

But since I’ve had so many guitarist characters, I thought I should keep an open mind and see if something else would grab me and perhaps be better. I think my string was something like, “which instrument should my character play” or otherwise quite straightforward. It took me to a site wherein a music teacher discussed the correlation between children’s personalities and the instruments that they should play.

By “should”, I mean that if they will be more likely to continue with the instrument as time passes.

I read through the whole thing, and it does have a predictable (not in a bad way) focus on band instruments, I did enjoy the suggestions and explanations.

None of them really worked, neither for her personality nor the reasons she would have for playing an instrument. And other problems, like dedication/commitment to the instrument. She could and would devote herself slavishly to something she felt would further some agenda or aggrandise herself. But a cello seems like it wouldn’t serve her more than she would serve it. Dunno if that makes sense.

Anyway, guitar was at the end of the list.

Classical Guitar

Deeply comforting and pleasurable to the acquisitive or possessive child – perhaps a collector or a hoarder of pocket money. Chess-players feel good reading and playing guitar music. Also suitable for the self-contained and independent child who does not want open or equal-sided relationships. The child who succeeded in the guitar enjoys being alone. The classical guitar player will easily master the electrical-, bass-, and folk guitar.

It seems more mellow than what she has going on, but in the end, I find that I set upon the right answer at the start. But I had a good time reading, and it made me think about what instruments I’d like to introduce to Owen when he gets (significantly) older.


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