Desiderata characters

Of the supporting variety, this time around.

I’ve finally stopped procrastinating (to some extent) on those quests that I’ve been mentally referring to as the wizard hires. Since they all give different information and two of them are potential love interests, I decided to start with the one who has the simplest personality and who is not a romantic path. He’s one of my favourite characters now, in a “lite” sort of way. Mostly because he is low maintenance.

But writing this part made me realise something that I hadn’t thought of, and it’s tripping me up a bit.

The reason that the player sought out a wizard in the first place is that the main characters need to find a man, and dig up information on these weird cheap-o items that aren’t magical and yet somehow are magical. The man they have to find is Thorn’s dad (Thorn is one of the main characters).

I have not come up with much on Thorn’s dad. By which I mean, he is barely developed. And even that makes it sound like I have put more thought into it than I actually have. He’s meant to be half-non-human, in a significant way that ties into the plot. He went AWOL on his daughter when she was probably an infant or at least a toddler, and she was probably always aware that he’d had a good reason. Or at least, she believed he had a good reason.

So technically, she doesn’t know much about him either. Callo and Nod don’t know anything about him… Wait.

Callo could possibly discover/realise that he knows lots about him. He could have found a journal that belonged to Timoran (the dad–and I had to search the database to recall his name), and that could lead to a side-scene wherein Thorn speaks privately to Callo about what he learned and did not tell the wizard in order to locate Timoran.

This, boys and girls, is what journals and blogs are good for: stream of consciousness thinking.

It could go this way for each wizard, with Callo giving information on the dad (as we have mostly referred to him), but I don’t know. Are there other options? As boring as it can get to write the same things over and over, plus difficult when trying to write it a different way, there’s no reason to do it differently other than… well, to do it differently.

This was a productive post. :)

2 thoughts on “Desiderata characters

  1. You know, it’d be funny if no matter which wizard the player goes with — when the wizard tries to locate Thorn’s father and asks her for information, she draws a total blank (“Uh, he has a beard I think. All dads have beards, right?”) and Callo just kind of starts rattling off stuff he learned from their research or from talking with Granny.


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