Thrown off a little, in a good way

Day one at Savta’s house!

I still woke up with Owen for most if not all of his late-night feedings, but I was actually allowed/encouraged/told-to go back to bed. When I didn’t go to sleep right away, I read a little more of Absolute Midnight, the third book in the Abarat series. Just like the other two, this one took me days to read. I still don’t know why these books are such a time-sink for me. It can’t be Clive Barker. I read The Thief of Always in an hour.

Absolute Midnight is not as good as the first two books, sad to say. It’s still well worth reading and a good enough installment in the series, but it’s got some flaws that I’m fairly certain were not present in the the previous two.

At least, one such flaw. Dropped plot threads. The villains of the story have always played a very strong role in events and affected the story in a prominent way. So when one of them just stops showing up, it was incredibly noticeable and disappointing. Especially since it was an unexpected villain who dropped off the radar in this way. Just… stopped showing up, and then ultimately seemed to stop mattering.

Status change to villain was also rather poorly done. Oh! That reminds me of the other flaw: the “romance”.

Maybe I’m spoiled by having read books in the actual romance genre. But the one between Candy and Gazza in this book literally amounts to, “New character appears! He and Candy are in love” and that’s IT. The only token nod to the idea that anything has to actually happen in order for a reader to even consider buying this is that she tackles him and is subsequently teased.

She tackles him because he is violently attempting to stop them stealing his boat.


Anywho, I finally finished the book, so maybe now I’ll finish more than one book a bloody month. (not that bad, just feels that way) Owen has been doing well at Savta’s house, probably because he has all of his stuff here. He finally got to meet his cousin, who officially thinks he is the coolest ever. And he got to see aunts and uncles he hasn’t seen since he was in the NICU, some of them early days.

My schedule is the one that’s off, which is okay. I didn’t get to my blog until afternoon, and even then didn’t get to finish it until later afternoon, and I have been dozing off any time I get a chance to pick up a book. I think my energy levels will even off once we get into our proposed schedule. His savta will feed him at 23:30 and 2:30, and I’ll go to bed at 21:00 or so, so I can take care of him at 5:30 and throughout the rest of the day.

Agh, my hands look like sausage factories.


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