Argh Wizards

Not making very much headway in regards to the wizards. Since I’ve been at my mum’s house, I don’t have a computer with RPG Maker VX on it–oh wait Hubby just brought my netbook over. That’ll change some things. But not at the moment.

Anyway, pre-digression, I didn’t have access to the program before, so I was writing out my eventing stuff in Evernote. It’s surprisingly easy and remarkably time-consuming. It makes it hard for me to see how long the scene runs before getting to the input and testing process, though.

It’s not just a talk-y scene (none of them should be), but there is a lot of talking in it. Exposition, like. That’s not always the easiest at the best of times. Especially since I’m still not sure of Skal’s character.

Just figuring out the music for the scene was more work than I expected. It’d be nice if this turns out to be an inordinate amount of work, and then when it plays out, becomes one of my favourite scenes. That ain’t gonna happen, but it’d be nice.

Too tired to think. Trying to finish the last hundred or so pages of Runemarks.

Ooh! Something cool did happen. I took a test on that I was a bit worried about, as I had a very open-ended question at the end of this one. When I got the tutor’s reply, not only did I apparently answer everything correctly or well, but my story at the end was well-received. Yay. Loss of stress and happy thoughts!


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