One-Player Game

As one might guess, I’ve started a game with myself. If you can call it that. The tag is “invasion game”, and it’s just that. Sort of in the vein of A Good Boy’s Guide to Breaking Things, but with a more immediate and direct threat. And less social commentary. If any.

Coats is a sort of mercenary, except for the part where he isn’t really. Reaching way back to Grey Matters, it’s more like a PMC version of The Avengers. There are at least four other people connected to him. Holiday and Dubh Essa are two of them.

I don’t really have plans for it other than to have weird crap like aliens (invasion!) inter-dimensional travel, a wizard, and probably someone will die.

I already know what the wizard is like, but I can’t decide if she’ll be Tegan or something that I make up.

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