Not too often…

So far, I think I’ve managed to not lose any of the things I would do for myself before there was a beautiful, demanding little baby in my life. But there’s less time for them, certainly.

I still read, though I don’t think I read as fast as I used to, and that means I only finish one to three books a week. I think I usually finish at least two, unless something happens or there are a lot of things going on that week.

Esperanto studies are technically going better than they ever have, but I’m still not too confident, and I think my vocabulary is woefully insufficient. I’m going to try to finish the Intermediate section on lernu! and then start reading La Mirinda Sorĉisto de Oz for some practical application.

Some grammar still throws me, but I’m getting better at correlatives (what/that/some) and that was always one of my weakest points. I do fine remembering ki-/ti-/i-/ĉi-/neni- combined with -o. It’s ones like -el and -am that I start mixing up. Not because they’re hard, there’s just a lot to remember.

My diet is a hundred thousand times better. We’ve got my DDR stuff back–it’s been sitting at my parent’s house–but the games are sorta… missing. But I only had two, so it’s hardly a trying task to get a new one without replacing something I might find later.

I listened to the song load-out for DDR Supernova 1 and 2 on Youtube, and while I probably prefer 1 overall, I had to buy 2 for a couple of simple reasons:

  • It’s significantly cheaper than 1 right now (on Amazon)
  • Aha – Take on Me
  • Fat Boy Slim and Sean Paul

The idea of Aha and DDR together is just too funny not to own. Plus, USD$12. I mean, come on.

It should be here tomorrow, then I can get started finding a good time to play that won’t bother people downstairs. Our neighbour there is a nice guy, so I’ll probably try to wait ’til around 13:00 or later on weekends and at least 11:00 on weekdays.

Oh yeah, and I may restart the invasion game or drop it in favour of something else still serial but more consistent and complete. For right now, it’s something fun I can do when I feel like it. I don’t if I don’t.


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