Still thinking on it

The cast as I considered it yesterday still seems the right way to go. Certainly there’s no need for new characters. Hardly an anticipated danger, that. But Wen and Aronshy still present a bit of a problem. The latter much more than the former.

Upon consideration, Wen is pretty much all right the way he was. He had a concrete situation: office worker with poor social skills, of which he is painfully aware, and a very short temper that he’d like to improve but can’t seem to manage it. His relationship with Carlos fits the active/passive modus well, and doesn’t really need to change much. His relationships with the others will take more thought.

Originally, they did all know each other, just a network of internet friends of varying levels of intimacy. Dunno if that’ll carry through.

I think I talked about my initial plans for Aronshy are nicely represented by her username, aqualass. It’s still hard to untangle her and Delia, which is what’s tripping me up. Delia lives on an island that’s full of whimsy and the unknown, and Aronshy Original Flavour lived on an island surrounded by mermaids. I don’t know if this would have made her active, or if she would have been like Delia, thinking that it’s all perfectly normal and remaining largely unaware of anything strange.

Aronshy’s island was deserted, and she lived there with ghosts and a giant statue. I’d love to bring all of that back, but it’s just way too close to Delia’s situation to work. In comparing the two and deciding who lives and who dies (so to speak), I can never come up with the same answer twice. In Delia’s case, I’ve already written it that way, and I can’t picture her any other way. I also can’t imagine not having her, considering the way she related so easily to absolutely everyone. She didn’t pair off, even with Button, because she worked with everyone. I think the only one she didn’t connect terribly well with was Ronit, and that’s because they’re a little too alike (in the way that people are; they made each other uncomfortable).

But I like Aronshy better in a whimsical setting. It suits her better, and she’d be more likely to be the active in a pair with Delia. The latter’s tendency to resist the Pair notwithstanding.

Currently considered pairs:

  • Vivane / Ronit
  • Carlos / Wen
  • Aronshy / Delia

I guess I could stick Aronshy in a different place that still allows for mermaids, ghosts, and a giant statue. Maybe a forest? Then there could also be pixies. Or centaurs. Heh, I could overload the fantasy for humour’s sake. …for some reason, I keep wanting to call them murmurmaids and make them have something to do with the wind instead of water. Sylph-like.


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