Longer Sort of Reading Challenge

One of the things that kept me off of sites like Goodreads, and itself in particular was that I have read hundreds of books in my lifetime, and I can’t remember probably half of them. (it’s 3:00am, my grammar is shot and I’m lucky I can type at all) Even when I started doing my reading challenges this year, I don’t think I ended up putting everything I read on my Read shelf/list.

Now that I’ve been using it for a while, and mostly just adding books I’ve read, I don’t feel quite so incomplete about it. I went through the aforementioned shelf and marked as many as I could remember as having been read this year. That makes my “stats” more accurate, and therefore–I can finally input the amount of books I want to try and read before the year is out.

Going by the books I added on Goodreads, here’s my progress:

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Tía Lei Lei has
read 90 books toward a goal of 150 books.


My username is a dumb approximation of what Abbie calls me. (She pronounces it Yay-Yay, hehe) Apparently I am five books ahead of schedule. I’m not sure how that is calculated, but I like being ahead of schedule.

I don’t think 150 sounds too ambitious, and I might increase it if it goes really well. It’ll help me pare down my current load-out of books. There’s a lot on my currently reading list right now. The Flashman book is one I only have an audiobook copy. I’m not sure if I’ve read all of the ones I have paperbacks for or not…


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