Inundated with BOOKS!

My Calibre library and my library list both look really crazy. I mentioned how the libraries I have cards at fail to carry the first book in a certain series. So I tried to find out some more information about Overdrive, and came upon the site, which really underlined the major flaw in the Overdrive system. Some books just aren’t available in certain locations.

But I noticed, while looking, that the first book in the series, which I was close to buying just because it had become such an issue, I found that the Overdrive database linked to the Phoenix Public Library carries the book. I used to have a card, but I don’t think I can renew it now. However, my family was still in Phoenix when I was on this little internet trek.

I called my mum and asked if any of our resident family there would mind allowing me the use of a library card. I explained that it would be for digital content only (duh), and most if not all of them are unlikely to use Overdrive. No worries about late fees or any kind of marks on their library records, and since they don’t use the service, I’d be stepping on no toes.

It was a  little late to be asking, so I had to wait until the following afternoon for a yea or nay, but now~ I have a card for the best library in the world.

I really miss so many things about Phoenix. The Greater Phoenix Digital Library is an Amazon affiliate or something, so they have a plan in place to get revenue and turn it into more books. They have a billion copies of popular books so that the turnaround isn’t as stupid.

The only thing is, now I might have to change my Goodreads challenge to 200 or 300 books for the year. We’ll see. I’ve even started in on a few of my physical shelf books. And Owen and I are reading some of his bigger books. :3


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