What’s this?

I have found a book that I rated five stars upon finishing! Even better, it’s the first in a series, ends on a cliffhanger, and I want to read the rest. I even like the author enough to check out her other books. This hasn’t happened in so long… Happy wooden sigh.

The Summoning isn’t the most apposite of titles. It’s too concise, and it focuses on entirely the wrong element. And yet, this is the most major flaw of the book. If only it were always so.

Everything else is pretty satisfying though. The writer’s voice is perfectly suited to the main character–who, by the way, is a strong enough female protagonist with realistic motivations and feelings. Her behaviour makes sense, and she doesn’t every strike me as Too Stupid to Live. She’s not Scarlett O’Hara or anything, but this isn’t Gone with the Wind, either. Nor does it need to be.

The prose is very easy to digest and the story is well-paced. I’m not going to even summarise it, because the bones of it are part of why I’m so happy with this book. The actual plot is just fine, good YA fare. But it’s a premise that millions of other writers would have either butchered or simply failed at. …of course, I could say that about all premises, couldn’t I?

It took me a few hours to write this. It’s been that kind of day. But I’m so happy about this book. It might not even be as wonderful as I think. But it’s five stars, and that’s a rarity.


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