Planning Stages

Quick post before I forget and because I’m working on something bigger for upcoming days. Hopefully tomorrow.

I ran a few ideas by my hubby, and there were a couple that he seemed to like the cut of their jib. I’m still working on this whole getting out of a rut thing, and it’s not the most fun process. I feel jerky every time I mention it, but I can hardly leave off mentioning it in the daily journal I keep. Now can I.

Today was not one of Owen’s best days either. He needed more sleep than usual, or so I think now, and wasn’t eating much, which always brings back bad memories of when that problem was keeping our family separated. He was super fussy, which is not normal for him, and he keeps getting this gunk in his eye. At least twice today he needed me to clear it up with a wet cloth so that he could open his eye and stop freaking out. Poor thing.

He sees his doctor on Monday. We will soldier on.

…we kind of have to, really. My medical issues are getting stupid yet again. I feel much better, but methotrexate does not cut it, which we already knew. The phone call was a pack of lies, apart from my needing to get hep B and C tests. Now we’re waiting on the flipping medical assistant to do her job like she said she already did.

I want to be insulting, but the evening is getting on, and I have to be up in 90 minutes.


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