Brave in Ribbons

This is an idea I had a while back, which means that I had notes, but nothing terribly concrete. Due to some other ideas that I swapped elements to and from this one, it’s different from the initial stuff I had. Which I never shared on my blog anyway. But whatever. As far as I’ve been able to satisfy my own mind, it’s another YA or 9-12 story, and no bad thing that.

It’s not a complicated plot, and it has a few pet “wanna-do” ideas of mine. But for some reason, it takes me a lot of time/words to explain it.


Nydia liked her Uncle Gregor’s LARP group, nicknamed the March Society. But one day, Uncle Gregor seems under increasing amounts of stress, until he admits that it isn’t LARPing–it’s real. He is King Gregor of the land of Sesquara, a magical kingdom located in the edges between reality and fiction. Nydia has become his only hope for an heir, which to her means the chance to become a princess. But being princess is not just comportment and fancy dresses.

  • Third Person

Even after three days, Nydia found it hard to believe that they were still in Minnesota. Magic was magic, she told herself as she leaned against the warm stone of the eternally open window, but she couldn’t get used to it. She had grown too accustomed to a life of white skies and snow.

“Sunny winters,” she said, trying out the phrase. It sounded almost as weird as ‘Your Royal Highness’. She glanced up as a flock of birds peppered across the bright blue sky. She missed being Lady Nydia. The courtesy title had been more comfortable.

But there was little time to mope about it. Everything was different in Sesquara, not just her expectations from the weather, but everyone else’s expectations of her. She had riding lessons that afternoon. The thought of once more braving her pernicious unicorn put a half-amused scowl on Nydia’s face.

It was too bad that she couldn’t talk about the edge realm when she visited her friends back in the middle realm. She would have loved to tell Shaniqua that unicorns were not sweet, pure creatures full of love.


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